The in-house Lab is accredited by the following customers –

As an ongoing process, accreditation for a few other customers is in progress.

Our in-house lab is certified for the following standards among many others, and are tested as per American, European, and individual customer standards.

  S.No  Accredited Test
1 Fabric Weight
2 Dimensional Stability to Washing
3 Distortion After Wash
4 Appearance After Washing
5 Colour Fastness to Crocking
6 Colour Fastness to Washing
7 Colour Fastness to Water
8 Colour Fastness to Perspiration
9 Tensile Strength
10 Tear Strength
11 Seam Slippage/Strength
12 PH Value
13 Colour Fastness to Non- Chlorine Bleach
14 Garment: Spirality After Wash
15 Fabric Count
16 Pilling Test
17 Stretch & Recovery

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